Super strong DIY

Super strong DIY outdoor wedding»HOLD MY HAND», don’t OUT
This is completely and all that one is over to belong to DIY of our style and special feature wedding-don’t wedding picture, don’t diamond, don’t marry a car,cheap women shoes don’t send a party to escort the bride to the groom’s home, don’t be red, don’t champagne tower, don’t wedding march, don’t the bridegroom is picked me up by father’s hand at the arched door ……

From started till this year for 11 the end of the months, last years of May 27 on days, we used livelong half year to prepare and plan this wedding for several times, from prepared and planned to start in the early years, I of viewpoint be want ash often of the United States, ash often of atmosphere, ash often of special, the ash often integrated into I am in music in the writing in the color in the favour on the decoration, DIY in half year was busy and changed to come to perfect day on the 28th-went out a view to lead to the rounding of innumerable view and lens;

The place decoration makes the friends liked very serious;(the flower of the rites place and the flower of the dining table meal pedestal are finally whole to be divided by the friends to walk,pearl jewelryeven the leafs didn’t stay 1 for me, 55555)Photographer says a lot of details, we do very good enoughly;(I satisfiedly smile, ha ha)

Rites the whole process lets everyone whole feeling devotion, regardless the HIGH time is still a tender feelings time;(rites an over, with makeup Cui the Cui tell me she already for a long time has no a wedding can let she from the beginning concussion arrive tail,LED Tube light she wraps the time of attracting attention the tears even have a photographer is also that the tears dozen turn, I again smiling of good idea, Hey Hey)

Not a few already the conjugal friend want to get married again once after attending a celebration, didn’t knot of then want to quickly get married;(do not miss my influence still very and greatly also)

LINHAO tells me that this clapping of wedding a slice of amount makes his owns record, and estimate hereafter can hardly break for a long time;(I want again proud)

After attending a celebration, there has been sister on that day appointed want plan and field that I do them to get married of the Du is always responsible for, Hey Hey ……bothersome so many, still keep wanting to appreciate you first, LED business enterprise that is in early morning all to come right away a help of lovely of friends, dear family and have 2 loving Cui Cui, LINHAO, small Du and Sun Jian and Su three, Yuan Yuan, little Chiu and provide a beauty to marry dress of shadow and ice ice

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