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Use of is all importing light source!Can say, the whole profession all drive the foreigner was suddenly and leisurely!Because the foreigner sold to an of Chinese to pack good LED light source in the beginning, in regard to this,LED Spot Lights list’s the whole profession will walk to bend road.Because no matter you is what produce factory, also regardless your technique include much high, you as long as you adopt this kind of LED light source to do a lamp, you according to this have to characteristics of the light source design LED lamp.Hence, China was born to use several 10 the LED light source of up to 100 same structures even constitutes of LED illuminate a lamp.The structure of these lamps is basic same, is a LED’s light source to pack in sinking a heat from the LED crystal, give out light noodles is packed by the resin anastigmatic to protect and work well to give out light angle, several 10, up to 100 light sources like this are installed a printing circuit aluminum board,LED Flood Lights the aluminum board is again wholely installed to 1 to spread a hot machine light hull up.For working well to go together with light, at LED light source up in addition an uses PC or PMMA material creation of lens, be so called «shelled peanut lens».Then have to plus a piece of glass lampshade again to work well to seal completely again for the sake of the waterproof dust palliative.Or need not «shelled peanut lens» go together with only, plate a film glint cover with a cake of, open into an on the cover LED light source chamber, used for a glint to go together with light.Then pack again to up drive the power, connect after line switch on electricity, the LED light is getting brighter, everyone is very happy.»High technology of»LED Ceiling Lights LED lamp like this develop successful!But light after ordering bright period of time discover a problem.The inner part knots too high, light Shuai too big, could not order for a few months light Shuai 100 cent of several ten.Hence each factory house and then is engaging in mental drudgery, the by all manners thinks a way, how reduce LED the light source arrive LED heat to sink, arrive gearing to print an aluminum board, to spread the hot Zu of of hot machine.Hence, don’t have no his method, only use transmitting heat of low hot Zu the gum fill.But, where is the low hot Zu transmitted heat gum?Only the foreigner has.Therefore, many factory houses don’t hesitate the wholely price to purchase, which afraid is several costlinesses of ten dollar per grams also are going to buy!Who expect, was again ruthlessly earned 1 by the foreigner like this!After spending to wrong money, although the hot Zu of lamp has decrease,Keystone Jack Manufacturerthe light Shuai is still serious!Foreigner said again at this time, your Chinese did anastigmatic PC and PMMA the material of the material is very bad, easily aging light Shuai, but only use the material of our foreign country to just go.Hence, many factory house again the PC of in great quantities importing abroad and PMMA material, think so can reduce light Shuai.Hardly realizing, regardless importing gum, be still the PC of import anticipate, can not by the root solve spreading of LED hot and light Shuai problem, be just drive foreigner suddenly and leisurely money is just.Can say that the business enterprise of China is designed good light source mode to do LED with this kind of foreigner a lamp so far of, there being no very big power LED of real solution the spreading of lamp is hot and light Shuai problem.This is currently China LED to illuminate profession can sad place.

Why will drill into this?An experienced scientist in the American astronautics bureau hits the nail on the head the secrets of heaven:Currently LED light source’s sealing to pack mode is LED to used for designation and show a light in early days of sealing and packing mode, even if is a sealing of W class to pack mode just a kind of improvement also basically not agree with to match 100 the tile class power light source the lighting just seal low hot Zu and high of packing the mode request only low light the request of the Shuai!No wonder that majority of business enterprises in China do of LED’s illuminating a lamp all can not break to spread hot and light Shuai hard nut to crack.Because this light source mode that illuminates lamp choice is used for doing to show with indicator of mode!Want to be very funny!So many Chinese of clevernesses unexpectedly drive suddenly and leisurely many years!However can realize mistake to come over so far of Chinese LED how many does the lamp business enterprise have again?Even have some minority of experts to still and just and impractically yell to shout loudly up to now:The LED lamp of cent signs type light source creation spreads heat is most scatter, it is best to spread hot structure mode.Wanting to be true is regrettable!These expert, professors are the elites of race, originally should walk to follow before science and technology is most, but they also drive the foreigner was suddenly and leisurely.They don’t consider, the research has a Chinese special feature of practical LED lamp technique, but follow for foreigner and come suddenly and leisurely a Chinese oneself person!Certainly,led lighting automotive this is just a handful of men, also the nothing important worry!Be is academic to dispute!Let them contend for

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